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Potentially Life Saving Supply Chain

See where your equipment or products are at all times. 

Know the exact location and conditions of the items. 

Know the exact status of multi-modal transportation.

Companies tasked with delivering life-saving equipment, supplies and medicines simply must do everything they can to avoid damages, limit delays, and maintain strict environmental conditions while transporting these items.


One issue with the medical equipment supply chain is the sheer diversity of the equipment and supplies being shipped. Each with their own set of unique, and strict guidelines.


CallOut is the perfect scalable solution for the medical supply chain. The technology is scalable for any equipment, any carrier, any shipper and any receiver. It provides total visibility to all the information the supply chain needs. Whether they need information regarding the climate conditions of the transportation, weather encountered, accidents during transport or a multitude of other information.

It’s all reportable in CallOut. And it’s available with your current supply chain. No need to change carriers or shippers.

Track brokered shipments too. 

Intuitive Dashboard

See all of your shipments individually or by project.

The minute a shipment encounters a problem, you and everyone on the project get notified without a single phone call. 

Know why a shipment is late and who is responsible. 

Custom notification settings allow you to control how much information you receive. 

Secure Digitization

Real data and real ETAs in real-time. 

Instant access to documents and photos of your delivery allow you to review and accept in real-time. 

Time stamps of pickups and stops for accurate information. 

The medical equipment supply chain is complex, but it no longer has to be complicated. 


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