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Everything You Need - In Your Pocket

CallOut eliminates the unknown in your supply chain. We highlight the areas of the supply chain historically most at risk to increase costs, delay timelines and disrupt your practices.

Saving your profits, timelines and reputation.

Rig CallOut's Advanced GPS Tracking Technology and Communications Platform
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Advanced GPS technology coupled with a simple to use communication platform. Designed specifically for the largest hurdles in supply chain management.

Oilfield Equipment Supplier, Trucking Companes, E&P and Midstream Companies
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Cloud based platform brings the entire supply chain together in one place no matter who is shipping, carrying or receiving.

Rig CallOut gives visibility to oilfield deliveries
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Transparency to see what is happening with any shipment at any point in time and communicate in unison to help eliminate guesstimate ETAs, false data and endless check-in calls.

Real ETAs
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Delivering accountability through detailed shipment information, digitized documents, real-time tracking, time stamps of pick-ups and stops and more.

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