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Less Waste Enables Higher Profits

CallOut Screen - Multi-Modal Supply Chai

See where your products are at all times. 

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Know the exact location and conditions of the items. 

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Know the exact status of multi-modal transportation.

Anyone in the food and beverage industry would likely argue, no other industry is faced with such imperative timelines – because of the perishability of the items being shipped. Knowing where your delivery is and when it will arrive is not a luxury, it is a necessity. Not to mention, in some cases, an item becomes dangerous once it’s past the date of consumption and sellers could face legal trouble.


For these exact reasons, trace-ability and visibility are more important than ever in the food and beverage industry.

CallOut’s supply chain technology can help eliminate waste, mediate risk and improve profits through visibility and accountability for all parties involved in the shipment.

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Track brokered shipments too. 

Intuitive Dashboard

See all of your shipments individually or by project.

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The minute a shipment encounters a problem, you and everyone on the project get notified without a single phone call. 

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Know why a shipment is late and who is responsible. 

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Custom notification settings allow you to control how much information you receive. 

CallOut - Receiver - Intuitive Dashboard

Secure Digitization

Real data and real ETAs in real-time. 

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Immediate BOLs, PODs, and more for faster invoicing and payments. 

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Time stamps of pickups and stops for accurate information. 

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Instant access to documents and photos of your delivery allow you to review and accept in real-time. 

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Let's raise a glass of a perfectly delivered beverage to a more efficient food and beverage supply chain - and more profitability! 

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